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Members and Contacts

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Secretary General

Mr. Chin-Wan Chou


886-2-9089899 #4012


  • Board matters assigned the planning, implementation,and with reminders.
  • Key direction of school development planning andcontrol.
  • Assist school principals in overall charge of administrative operations.
  • Formulate long-term development plan of the school and the school held a planning committee.
  • Cross offices operational coordination and implementation.
  • Personal Data Protection business drivers.
  • Corporate internal audit work.
  • Internal audit and a capital audit supervision.

Mr. Ruey-Chung Lai



Mr. Ruey-Chung Lai


886-2-9089899 #4013


  • Track the implementation of resolutions passed by University Affairs Meetings, University Affairs Development Committees, Administrative Council Meetings, Faculty Complaint Committees, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to carry out related work.
  • Control and assist each office's business implementation.
  • Review official statements.
  • Implement teacher's appales.
  • Implement personal information protection affairs.

Mr. Yu-Ping Hsu


Section Chief

Mr. Yu-Ping Hsu


886-2-9089899 #4015


  • General clerical work trial.
  • Internal Audit jobs.
  • A capital audit job.
  • Administrative services job satisfaction survey.
  • Case control engineering, procurement verification.
  • Gender Equality Board of Education.
  • Campus sexual harassment / sexual assault and abuse bullying appeals.
  • Apply for legal alteration registration.
  • Other related matters.

Mr. Ruey-Chung Lai



Mr. Jian-Feng Lo


886-2-9089899 #4033


  • Type and proofread documents.
  • Deal with matters assigned by the Secretary General

Ms. Xiu-Juan Chen